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After spending spring break and summers in Virginia Beach, owner Bill Bailey moved here and began working at a beach hospital in the engineering and electronic maintenance department. He was then offered and accepted a position as an electrical engineer with the property management maintenance and security department at a Virginia bank 17 story office building in downtown Norfolk. Bill then had an opportunity to join a Class A contractor whose specialty was bank buildings and installation of related banking equipment. Bill served as the Tidewater field engineering representative. During this time, he also took courses and training to become a Certified Locksmith. After ten years of service, Bill started his own business in 1990.

The company has customers throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. The wide range of installation and service work provided to customers at government facilities, commercial locations and residential homes has included the following:

· Computerized satellite communication station at U.S. Naval Base GITMO

· Security/access/safes/network/telephones at numerous national restaurants

· Office building fire alarm elevator control systems

· Update and repair U.S. Naval helicopter launching ship computer system

· Access control and computer network for law offices

· Safes and locks at government /commercial /residential locations

· Computer network for a national cellular telephone company’s cell site location

· Security/access control/telephones for a national chain of check cashing locations

· Nurse call system at area H.U.D. homes

· Security/access control/networking/music/telephones/cameras for dental offices 

· Fire alarm/security/camera systems at local U.S. Naval Base locations

· Computers built and serviced for government/commercial/residential locations

· Custom home security/access control/camera surveillance/telephones/computer network/surround sound/whole house stereo/intercom/satellite/cable TV   


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